About Us

We believe that great communication

is at the core of every strong relationship

But are we any good at what we do?

Our business, in its various guises, has been providing services to local organisations since 1991.

We’re a Jersey focused firm, winning UK and international acclaim.


We’re often interviewed by the leading global consultants to our industry.


Our clients always deal directly with a qualified accountant.


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But it’s our reason why, that keeps our cogs turning

Our reason why

To put it bluntly, we love being accountants.

Saving tax and producing accounts and reports which translate into actionable insights is the pinnacle of the profession.

We focus on clear communication and outcomes. We keep people appropriately informed before, during and after we provide a service to them.
Our team places a high value on accuracy. We go the extra mile to make sure our work is accurate so you make better, more informed decisions.
It's our purpose to help you see the wood for the trees. To make the important, invisible issues visible and to give you clear advice on what options you have to fix them.

What’s unique about us

The way we communicate

We use graphs, videos and meeting software to maximize the benefit of our work to you

The way we price our services

One, simple, monthly retainer inclusive of everything you need

Our service guarantees

Calls and meetings are free with the price for extra work required after the meeting agreed in advance

Money back guarantee – If, for some reason, you’re not happy with the service provided in a particular month, you can have your money back.

Meet the people at the centre of AllSorted

We believe that true professionalism is having the courage to care about our people, our customers and their businesses and know that having a purpose higher than just producing accounts and tax returns inspires everyone involved.

We want to look forward to each day, work with interesting clients, spend time with colleagues we like and go home each day with a sense of genuine satisfaction and reward.
Luke Smith FCA CDir
Director | 01534 766355
Julie Heaven CGMA
Director | 01534 766288
George Green ACA
Manager | 01534 766399
Catherine Day FCCA
Director | 01534 756261
Denis Thérézien FCCA
Director | 01534 756260
Harry Lawson
Senior Tax Manager | 01534 766307
Ashley Frazier ACA
Manager | 01534 766244
Omeed Peiris ACA
Manager | 01534 766398
Mauro Kaji
Accounting Data Analyst | 01534 766303
Rudy Tannoo ACCA
Manager | 01534 766102
Brendan Aune FCA
Manager | 01534 766308
Lenka Lamont
Company Secretary
Catherine Olanda CPA
Accountant | 01534 766302
Bernadette Asturiano CPA
Manager | 01534 766301
Mary-Rose Atienza CPA
Accountant | 01534 766306
Kimberly Yap CPA
Manager | 01534 766306
Kristine Mendoza CPA
Accountant | 01534 766312
Chelsey Arante
Accountant | 01534 766314
Ilona Hutchins
Practise Administrator
Nick Monico Ajero
Accountant | 01534 766002
Vaniza Jean Descallar
Accountant | 01534 766116
Felvie Sario Libay
Accountant | 01534 766021

Who do we work best with?

Organisations with a balance sheet value or annual revenues over £250,000

…or on their way to it

Organisations on cloud accounting systems

  • we’ll help you get on them if you are not already
  • If your accounts are not in the cloud you are missing out on so much efficiency and clarity

Clients who realise the importance of their numbers being accurate

  • If you just want the cheapest option it means you don’t care about accuracy of your accounts, or a conversation around them, and therefore we are not for you.

How shall we get in touch?

We are flexible and happy to suit your needs

If you want to see how we really do things, we invite you to visit our office.